About Novalearn

Novalearn is an international STEAM learning platform that’s created with the vision to improve the quality of after-school learning for kids across the globe.

We believe in providing always-on access to world-class, exciting, and effective extracurricular learning as a means to increase education equity, bridge geographical gaps, and promote lifelong learning. It's our mission to provide research-backed, curricula-linked, and professionally-designed resources to help kids become whatever they want to be in life.

Novalearn is at the forefront of redefining after-school education for kids aged 6 – 12 by combining edutainment with gamification. We believe it’s not enough to provide entertaining and educational content — there must be elements of challenge, progress, and development to ensure that students are engaged and always improving.

We team up with talented professionals to create the perfect extracurricular learning platform: Our courses are designed by IB-accredited professionals with decades of experience, while our videos are produced by innovators in the field.

Novalearn is much more than just a learning platform. It's a one-of-a-kind community of original thinkers, creators, and innovators spanning various disciplines, all coming together with a common purpose to transform after-school education.

Meet Our Team

Carrie Di

English Curriculum Designer

Carrie Di brings over a decade and a half of EAL teaching experience. She is focused on keeping kids engaged in the curriculum to ensure long-lasting engagement.

Luo Lynn

Mandarin Curriculum Designer

Luo has been teaching Mandarin to non-native speakers for 15 years, and is experienced in creating Chinese teaching courses. She is well-versed in teaching and ensures that all her courses align with HSK standards.

Addie Loy

Curriculum Advisor

With over 18 years experience in international schools, Addie has a comprehensive understanding of curricula around the world, making her the perfect person to lead Novalearn's curriculum.

James Simpson

Curriculum Designer

James is a highly-accomplished professional in the educational space. He co-founded several STEM education programmes, and works to bridge the gap between digital and physical learning experiences as part of the Novalearn team.

Jennifer Nicklas

Arts Curriculum Designer

Holding a master's in Art Education and a bachelor's in Education, Jennifer is recognized internationally for her expertise in arts education. She brings that knowledge to extra-curricular learning at Novalearn.

Diya Vivek

Science Curriculum Designer

Diya graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and B.Ed in Early Childhood Education. Her experience in teaching primary years combined with her creative flair brings an edge to the Science curriculum at Novalearn.