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Novalearn, a STEAM extracurricular learning platform for primary learners where edutech meets entertainment!

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What is STEAM After-school Learning?

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Novalearn offers your child a chance to discover more than one way to solve a problem by exploring new worlds and befriends the other novaliers!

STEAM courses with supplementary Life skills, Arts, English, Coding, Design and more

Courses created and hosted by experienced IB-educators & experts

Aligned with international curriculum standards

Suitable for ages 6 - 11

Project-based learning and creative design thinking

Encourages empathy, positive mindset and practical skillset

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And for the adults...

NovaLearn isn't just all fun and games. We simply believe in celebrating the individuality of your children and then using the best of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) education to provide a holistic online learning base for your children. is a virtual STEAM after-school learning platform for K-12.

Children watch inspiring videos, complete assessment checkpoints, do creative challenges, and share their photos or videos on Novalearn, giving them excellent opportunities to teach, learn, and inspire other children. Our moderators and teachers make sure Novalearn remains the kindest and encouraging online community, and they are available if your child ever have questions.

Nope! Novalearn courses are developed with everyday materials in mind, especially stuff commonly found around the house (and inside table drawers) like paper, pencils, glue, watercolor.

In conjunction with our beta launch, Novalearn is free!

Novalearn's English curriculum is systematically aligned with the international standard of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Novalearn's English courses are for non-native students at the beginning and intermediate stages of their English learning journey. Our courses cover from the CEFR A1 to CEFR B2 speaking and listening standards. Our available courses have two levels; Moon Catcher (beginner) covers the CEFR A2 levels, and Solar Catcher (intermediate) covers the CEFR B1 speaking and listening standards.

Novalearn curriculum designers are IB-certified teachers with more than ten years of experience, industry professionals, and domain experts. You can click on each teacher's profile to find out more about them!

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Yes, we partner with international schools, enrichment providers and home-schoolers as an after-school activity provider. Please email us at to enquire.

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